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What Does Living With Autoimmune Disease Mean To You?
Are you discouraged from going from doctor to doctor without any real progress on finding a solution? Have you tried many remedies, diets and potions to try to cure yourself but the disease continues to progress? Systemic arthritis, digestive disorders, skin disorders, leaky gut, and other autoimmune disorders cause a lot of suffering. Pain, disability, fatigue, loss of work and social life are all problems patients have to deal with, in addition to numerous side effects that are caused by conventional drugs. The good news is that there is hope. The Autoimmune Recovery Plan is based on the protocol administered at Years Restored, an autoimmune lifestyle center located in Forbestown, CA where hundreds of people have found relief since 2013. The plan targets the root cause of the disease--gut health and inflammation and teaches a plant-based method of detox and recovery. 

Now, for the first time ever, Mercy and Dr. Joyce are bringing the Years Restored program TO YOU every day for four weeks--at a discounted price of $100! You're not just buying a book or a DVD course. In this 4-week course, you'll get step-by-step instruction, live coaching, cooking demonstrations and be able to join a community of people for a month--where together, you can begin the journey to put autoimmune disease in remission and get your life back! Can't tune in live? That's OK, once the videos air, you can watch them over and over again whenever you want, even after the 4 weeks, basically forever.

If You're Tired Of Living With Autoimmune Disease, Take The Autoimmune Recovery Plan And Begin Your Journey To Wellness Today!
For $100, You Get:
  • The Plant-Based "Years Restored" Protocol For Reversing Autoimmune Disease (a $3,000 value) Without Leaving Your Home! A Total Of Over 30 Hours of Video Content Which You can Watch Any Time!
  • ​Exclusive Access To A Member's Area Where All the Videos And Course Materials Will Be Available As The Course Progresses And Afterwards (You'll own this course online forever!)
  • ​A Private Group On Facebook Where The Course Will Also Take Place (You Don't Need Facebook To Take The Course)
  • Four Weeks Of Daily Video Instruction From Dr. Joyce Choe, MD, MPH Where You Will Learn The Science Behind The Protocol (Every Day, A New Video Will Appear In Your Member's Area, Which You Can Watch Anytime)
  • ​Four Weeks of Daily Live Coaching From Mercy Ballard, RN (Founder of Years Restored Center) Where You Will Learn From Her Experience Helping Hundreds Of People Put Their Autoimmune Disease In Remission (These Live Sessions Will Be Recorded So You Can Watch Them Over Again Later)
  • Weekly Q&A Live Sessions With Dr. Joyce And Mercy (You Can Watch These Anytime Afterwards)
  • Four Weeks of Daily Cooking Videos So You Can See Step-by-Step How to Cook To Heal--Without Giving Up Taste!
  • ​Handouts (Downloadable PDFs) To Go Along With Videos
  • Free131 Page E-Cookbook The Autoimmune Plant-Based Cookbook
  • 7 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan Designed To Heal Your Body
  • ​A Comprehensive Grocery List So You Can Learn What Foods You Need To Heal And Where To Buy Them
  • Step-by-Step Instruction For Detoxing And Healing Leaky Gut (Completely Plant-Based!)
  • ​Continued Access To A Private Facebook Group Afterwards with access to Dr. Joyce and Mercy
Video Testimonials
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"The healing that I have witnessed in this program is incredible. What has impressed me the most is the ability of the staff to customize the program’s protocol to meet your specific needs. I think that everyone who goes through this program and continues to follow its principles will see their health goals met and experience a true spiritual and physical revolution! " - Gabriel Arruda – Sacramento, California

"I can’t say enough about this program, it changed my life and lifestyle forever! They feed you not only awesome food, but feed you with knowledge about how our bodies work and what the best foods are to put into them to make them function properly. If you use that knowledge in your everyday life, you can virtually live disease free. " -Charelle Young – Santa Rosa, California

Meet The Instructors
Dr. Joyce Choe, MD
Dr. Joyce is an ophthamologist who developed an autoimmune condition after taking the antibiotic Trovafloxacin in the late 90's. After discovering that she had leaky gut and it was contributing to weakness, pain in her hands and wrists, and overall poor health, Dr. Joyce experienced first-hand how difficult it is to find an answer and a cure. Her medical colleagues and family all seemed to be skeptical of her symptoms because she "looked well." When she finally went to Years Restored, she was able to be pain free for the first time in years. She became a believer in the protocol and has since joined the team to help run programs at Years Restored. As a medical doctor, Dr. Joyce emphasizes the science behind everything they do.  
Mercy Ballard, RN
Mercy is the founder of Years Restored. Mercy went to medical school in Mexico and has worked as a nurse here in the US for over two decades. In 2004, she developed shortness of breath and weakness to the point she needed hospitalization. She was diagnosed with severe anemia and although she continued to receive treatment, she became weaker and weaker. Most of her time was spent in bed. When she realized her doctors were unable to provide a diagnosis, Mercy embarked on her own search. She found that she had developed antibodies to gluten and other foods. Through her journey, she developed the protocol and menus used at Years Restored that brought her healing and since 2013, has helped hundreds of other patients find remission and healing. 
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