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Eat your way out of autoimmune disease using this e-cookbook with 112+ delicious recipes!
You'll be surprised how easy and effective this is!
Jumpstart Your Journey To A Healthy New You!
Your Journey To 
A Healthy New You!
112+ fresh, delicious recipes
Created with freshness,
simplicity, and overall wellness
in mind, this cookbook contains 112+ plant- based recipes to jump-start your journey to a healthy new you!
7-day meal plan
The 7-day meal plan is intended to be followed for the first few months as you recover from your symptoms. We rotate various foods so that you are less likely to become sensitive to any one.
and much more!
Learn about autoimmune disease, the gluten factor, the 3 R's of eating to heal, phases of healing, how to remove antinutrients, pseudograin preparation, and much more! 
"While these recipes are specifically designed to help those with leaky gut, food sensitivities, and autoimmune disease, we believe that this cookbook will be helpful for anyone interested in decreasing inflammation and improving their quality of life. It is actually a misconception that leaky gut manifests only with digestive issues. Most of us have been affected by gut permeability to one degree or another. Consider the possibility of leaky gut if you have been diagnosed with any disease or if you experience debilitating symptoms such as: fatigue, brain fog, pain, weakness, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, and eczema. Do any of these describe you? We want to help!"
-Dr. Joyce and Mercy
Authors of The Autoimmune Plant-Based Cookbook
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